FREE 7-Day Stress Reset Planner Benefits

Reset Defined / to set again or differently

  • Reset overwhelm: Eliminate juggling so many "to do's"; reset to actually complete activities daily

  • Reset feeling over-extended: Change your habit of trying to pull off too many things in one week and then not accomplishing any of them. Complete your day and week feeling at ease.

  • Reset your Mindset: train yourself to slow down to move ahead with increased focus and results!

  • Reset Your Stress/Fear Habits: Create inspired-action choices vs ones coming from a place of fear

  • Reset Your Energy: If you work this planner as directed, it will work for you with increased energy, so you will be happier, more rested, have more focus and make more solution-based versus stess/fear-based choices

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  • Complimentary 60 minute 1:1 Stress Solutions Call

    When you sign-up for the FREE planner, you receive a complimentary 60-minute 1:1 Stress Solutions call with Accountability Coach, Christine Monaghan / $275 Value

  • eLearning Course Gift Card

    Sign-up for the FREE 7-Day Planner and you will receive a $25 coupon to utilize for Stress is Optional eLearning courses!

  • Founder, Christine Monaghan

    Christine, founder of Stress is Optional is a human-potential champion. She believes stress is optional and when identified and understood closes the gap on goal-achieving. She's a business and accountability coach helping over-extended executives, entrepreneurs, corporate teams. A master motivator, she influences you growing into the next best version of you.

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Client Testimonials

I gained so much from Christine's coaching, mentorship. Her Weekly, Daily Planner is so effective. She helped me make transition from my Corporate job (so unbalanced, stressful, struggling with setting boundaries; 60+ hrs weeks) to living the life I want. She's honest to the core and held me accountable to achieve my goals. Her teachings changed my day to day approach,   ultimately transitioning to entrepreneurial Network Marketing Professional. She inspires you to become the best you can be! // Wendy S. // Corporate Executive, Health Services.  


Christine was invaluable in helping me organize my business strategy and get it on paper with laser focus for what I do want!  Her ability to put my concepts into words and give them a monetary value saved me so much time starting up a new company. Her time-management systems are invaluable (weekly/daily planner). I would recommend her to anyone starting a new business or over-extended in their existing biz. // Amanda Y. // Mum of 3 + solopreneur //


Christine’s virtual workshops were chock full of information, tools for goal setting and goal achieving-lots of information to takeaway, work on. Most helpful was identifying the person I want to be and make time be in alignment with this. The learning moves at a pace with lots of challenging questions and ideas plus results - a good use of my time and my $$$. Her 1:1 accountability coaching is key. Within 3 months, I've achieved a goal elusive to me for 5 years with her proven systems including the weekly/daily planner. // Catherine A // HR Manager, Financial Industry //

FREE 7-Day Stress Reset Planner

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