The Stress is Optional Collective

// Mission Provoke a cultural shift in Society’s approach to stress is optional from stress is normal. 

// Approach High-caliber, online, easy-to-implement professional and personal development eLearning courses, from an international collective of professionals. You will up-level: Engagement; learning and development; plus, health and wellness culture for optimum performance via: eWorkshops; ePrograms; eBooks, weekly podcast. 

// Outcomes Increase commitment, motivation, communication; professional growth; leadership development; cultivate optimum mental health and lifestyle strength; close goal-achieving gap skills; reduce stress with proven success principles; shift time-management habits - achieve more with less effort for consistent results; work on vs. in your life to create your ideal life experience. 

Founder, Christine Monaghan                   


NEW // 3C's Communication; Stress is Optional
NEW // Uncertainty and Change; Close the Gap on Stress
NEW // Transform Worn-Out Habits; Close the Gap on Stress
NEW // Leadership Blueprint; Be the Leader You'd Like to Follow

Stress is Optional Podcast

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