Reset Your Mindset Outcomes

This course is right for you if you: Want to nix stress and worry which prevents you striving for you goals; learn simple, powerful techniques to focus on what you do want and silence your negative chatter; and, apply proven success principles to navigate through resistance to goal-achieve. Competencies: Learning and Development; engagement; health, wellness culture.

  • Learn how taking 100% ownership in your life = goal-achieving

  • Discover how to ASK to with curiosity to increase confidence in goal-achieving

  • Replace complaining, blaming, excuse-making with "simple techniques" to focus on what you do want

  • Know the "3 limiting beliefs" we use to comfortable and the "tool" to create new beliefs

  • Utilize the "5% upgrade technique" to boldly create what you want and need

  • Get clarity on who the next best version of you is with a "discovery exercise"!

  • Use the "Intersection Overwhelm" exercise to shift you into inspired-action when over-extended

  • Utilize the "Mindset Up-Level" exercise whenever you're stuck, procrastinating or bored.

  • Implement the "3 Stress Solutions Tools" to return to ease in any situation

Course curriculum


Let's get started so you can close the gap on stress to goal-achieve